No-Deal Brexit, Yes-Deal Stay-Cation for your Half-Term Holiday

Are you worried and confused about what Brexit means for your half-term holidays in the EU? There have been dozens of questions about the effects of Brexit, and we’re particularly concerned that our holidays will suffer. Does it doom our ability to travel at a moment’s notice? Are our passports still as valuable as they were? Will we still be able to retire and play golf in Spain, Portugal or Tenerife? 


The British public are discussing and debating Brexit daily, and many of our questions still remain unanswered. If the UK leaves the European Union, airlines may have to request individual permissions to fly between here and every individual destination in Europe. This could take time to process, causing flight delays, disruptions, and possible cancellations too. Who wants to face those issues when they finally get away from school and work to relax for a few days? Think of the children. Think of your own peace of mind.


Now for the good news: avoid all of that fuss, stress and worry, by choosing a stay-cation for 2019. Considering how proud we are of our country, and how much the rest of the world are rushing to visit our pretty little isles, isn’t it time to explore the best bits of our beautiful coastline? Book one of the most popular British holidaying locations, like the Little Deal Cottage, and plan your family escape in February safe in the knowledge that it won’t be at risk of being cancelled or delayed. With all Deal has to offer the holidaying couples and families all-year round, No-Deal Brexit can mean Yes-Deal, Kent.