Completing the renovation of The Little Deal Cottage

Commencing the renovation of The Little Deal Cottage in January 2016, we have been on a very long journey. Inheriting this dilapidated Victorian house requiring full modernisation and some tender love and care, we could not have imagined the project would result in a perfect cottage on the Kent coast. We transformed the cottage with total devotion and every detail was based on this cottage being our home. Situated in Deal’s Conservation Area, we were committed to retaining all the original features and character of the cottage. Intricate restoration of each brick in the chimney running the height of the building lends to a fantastic visual feature, and the wood burning stove illuminates this centrepiece. A handcrafted staircase was constructed, as the shape of the building would not permit conventional installation. A Horse Farrier family friend created a bespoke Cast Iron handrail and balustrade to compliment the traditional but modernised theme of the cottage. Being only 30 miles from France we took great inspiration from our european neighbour in the interior design of the cottage. Items were purchased at brocantes in France and local Kent markets, finding some great beds, mirrors and furnishings. The project has been long and challenging but this creation has resulted in The Little Deal Cottage being one of the most sought-after Holiday Lettings on the Kent Coast in 2017.