7 top tips for a UK staycation

1. Get up early and avoid the traffic. Rather than kick around the house the evening before your trip, get an early night and an early start. Relive the days of quiet roads and make the most of your first day on holiday. Breakfast always tastes better by the sea.

2. Take a ‘wind-cheater’ type coat. The weather is always warm if you cut out the Kent coast breeze.

3. Try haggling! Just because we don’t generally go for it in the UK, it doesn’t mean it won’t work. Especially the case with antiques, bric-a-brac shops and the like. You may even get 50p off an ice cream if you ask nicely. www.littledealcottage.co.uk will offer last minute discounts too!

4. Have loose change in your car for parking meters. It’s one less stress when you find the perfect place to park if you don’t have to beg passers-by or shopkeepers for coinage.

5. Go for the ‘specials’ on the menu. These are basically the things that the chef wants to cook and is most proud of, so why go for the stuff he or she isn’t in the mood for?

6. Explore. Some of the most interesting places and in UK resorts are small, not well publicised, and fascinating. Just because you’re in the UK does not mean that you have seen all the quirky stuff the British have to offer.

7. Relax. This is as much a holiday as it would be if you were to venture abroad. Get away from the ‘at home’ mindset and treat every visit, journey and new location as an adventure, as seen through the eyes of a tourist.

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