Here’s 10 other things you probably didn’t know about Deal?!

1. It is thought that Julius Caesar first landed on the UK shore in nearby Walmer in 55BC. He reportedly came ashore already wearing his flip-flops.

2. Deal has enjoyed having three piers over the centuries and the current attraction is the oldest fully intact pier on the Kent coastline.

3. In 1660 Samuel Pepys described Deal as ‘pitiful’, but this from the man who spent much of his time suffering the ill effects of too much wine and too many women, so what did he know?

4. Many houses in Deal, particularly those near the seafront, have evidence of tunnels and hiding places that were used by smugglers. So if you lose the kids… 

5. The Regent Cinema will one day rise again! It’s one of the most iconic buildings in Deal and there is popular support for it to re-open.

6. Deal was so important as a place of safe anchorage that at its peak in the 17th century hundreds of ships could be seen from the shore. It was the Ikea car park of its day.

7. You’ll soon be able to buy a pint of Deal Ale. A community hop growing scheme starts in 2017.

8. Deal was officially recognised in 2016 as a Marine Conservation Zone. See what’s living here by clicking the Kent Wildlife Trust link:

9. Jane Austen refers to balls held at the Assembly Rooms on the corner of Duke Street.

10. In an unusual publicity and sponsorship move by the Chamber of Commerce, for a single day in 2016 Deal was officially renamed, ‘Voucherbox: Home of Deal’!