Deal Number 1. location choice for Film and TV production.

With a preserved historical conservation area retaining a two story high skyline along the seafront, Deal has become the number 1. location choice for both Film and Television production. Sky Arts recently filmed their drama The Tunnel in Deal, and ITV’s Vanity Fair found the conservation area and seafront complemented their Napoleonic theme. Currently aired on ITV is Liar, a TV drama frequently uses Deal’s glorious Pier and fishing boats as backdrop for most of the scenes. You don’t have to have an eye for what looks good on camera to realise Deal truly is a hidden gem on the Kent Coast. Dover & District Council have done a great job of preserving Deal’s charm by declining numerous attempts for property development on the Seafront. Like it or not the secret is out, with more Londoners realising just how close this picturesque town is to the capital. The Streets are heaving at weekends with Down From Londoners (DFLs) escaping into the small alleyways and Dickensian Streets, making them feel they have escaped to a bygone era. At the Little Deal Cottage we have seen the rise in Londoners staying at our Holiday Let and provided numerous artist with accommodation for them to complete projects in Deal. With the Cottage being situated within the conservation area and 100m from the seafront TV producers often snap-up the cottage before the actors have a chance to book. We are often given the feedback in our Guest Book that the draw is Deal itself, and being central to the heart of the Town is what makes our guests return time after time.  


Completing the renovation of The Little Deal Cottage

Commencing the renovation of The Little Deal Cottage in January 2016, we have been on a very long journey. Inheriting this dilapidated Victorian house requiring full modernisation and some tender love and care, we could not have imagined the project would result in a perfect cottage on the Kent coast. We transformed the cottage with total devotion and every detail was based on this cottage being our home. Situated in Deal’s Conservation Area, we were committed to retaining all the original features and character of the cottage. Intricate restoration of each brick in the chimney running the height of the building lends to a fantastic visual feature, and the wood burning stove illuminates this centrepiece. A handcrafted staircase was constructed, as the shape of the building would not permit conventional installation. A Horse Farrier family friend created a bespoke Cast Iron handrail and balustrade to compliment the traditional but modernised theme of the cottage. Being only 30 miles from France we took great inspiration from our european neighbour in the interior design of the cottage. Items were purchased at brocantes in France and local Kent markets, finding some great beds, mirrors and furnishings. The project has been long and challenging but this creation has resulted in The Little Deal Cottage being one of the most sought-after Holiday Lettings on the Kent Coast in 2017. 


Queen's Regimental Association Corps of Drums play Alfred Square

In keeping with our previous post regarding Deal's close association with the Military, on Thusday night the Queen's Regimental Association Corps of Drums played in Alfred Square. The event was organised by Alasdair Goulden, our neighbour in Alfred Square,  to raise money for the Local Veteran's Fund. Our small little Square is always pleased to hear the sound of fantastic drum playing especially for such a great charitable cause. The Little Deal Cottage is situated directly in the cente of Alfred Square and we are often spoilt by the add hoc events held in this prime location. The sense of community is what makes The Little Deal Cottage a favourite holiday destination on the Kent coast for those looking to escape London life. 

The Band of HM Royal Marines tribute to those fallen.

Sunday the 10th of July 2017 marked the 27th Anniversary of the IRA bomb that tragically killed 11 Royal Marines - 22 September 1989. The Band of HM Royal Marines annually play a rousing musical tribute to those who lost their lives. Since the Royal Marines School of Music moved to Deal from Portsmouth in 1950 the proud military heritage in Deal has always been prevalent in the local community. Deal came out in force for this event to pay their respects and enjoy the band’s talent. Some 2000 got thier seats early to ensure they were close to the bandstand and facing the English Channel, a typically British day by the sea at The little Deal Cottage. 

The Amateur Championships 2017 - Golf - Deal

Today the Amateur Championships commences at The Royal St George's and Prince's golf courses in Deal, Kent.  With 250 players from across the globe competing to qualify for the final 60 match-play spots, it is sure to be a fantastic event. Royal St George was voted the No. 1 Course in the country by Golf World magazine and Prince's known to be one of the best links courses, the players couldnt be in a better environment. The Little Deal Cottage, situated just 15 minute drive from the both courses has been inundated with enquiries by competitiors wishing to book a last minute golfstay. However, one player confirmed his booking some time ago and is currently enjoying the tranquility of Alfred Square and being 100m from the beautiful Deal Seafront. We wish good luck to all players.

7 top tips for a UK staycation

1. Get up early and avoid the traffic. Rather than kick around the house the evening before your trip, get an early night and an early start. Relive the days of quiet roads and make the most of your first day on holiday. Breakfast always tastes better by the sea.

2. Take a ‘wind-cheater’ type coat. The weather is always warm if you cut out the Kent coast breeze.

3. Try haggling! Just because we don’t generally go for it in the UK, it doesn’t mean it won’t work. Especially the case with antiques, bric-a-brac shops and the like. You may even get 50p off an ice cream if you ask nicely. will offer last minute discounts too!

4. Have loose change in your car for parking meters. It’s one less stress when you find the perfect place to park if you don’t have to beg passers-by or shopkeepers for coinage.

5. Go for the ‘specials’ on the menu. These are basically the things that the chef wants to cook and is most proud of, so why go for the stuff he or she isn’t in the mood for?

6. Explore. Some of the most interesting places and in UK resorts are small, not well publicised, and fascinating. Just because you’re in the UK does not mean that you have seen all the quirky stuff the British have to offer.

7. Relax. This is as much a holiday as it would be if you were to venture abroad. Get away from the ‘at home’ mindset and treat every visit, journey and new location as an adventure, as seen through the eyes of a tourist.

Here’s 10 other things you probably didn’t know about Deal?!

1. It is thought that Julius Caesar first landed on the UK shore in nearby Walmer in 55BC. He reportedly came ashore already wearing his flip-flops.

2. Deal has enjoyed having three piers over the centuries and the current attraction is the oldest fully intact pier on the Kent coastline.

3. In 1660 Samuel Pepys described Deal as ‘pitiful’, but this from the man who spent much of his time suffering the ill effects of too much wine and too many women, so what did he know?

4. Many houses in Deal, particularly those near the seafront, have evidence of tunnels and hiding places that were used by smugglers. So if you lose the kids… 

5. The Regent Cinema will one day rise again! It’s one of the most iconic buildings in Deal and there is popular support for it to re-open.

6. Deal was so important as a place of safe anchorage that at its peak in the 17th century hundreds of ships could be seen from the shore. It was the Ikea car park of its day.

7. You’ll soon be able to buy a pint of Deal Ale. A community hop growing scheme starts in 2017.

8. Deal was officially recognised in 2016 as a Marine Conservation Zone. See what’s living here by clicking the Kent Wildlife Trust link:

9. Jane Austen refers to balls held at the Assembly Rooms on the corner of Duke Street.

10. In an unusual publicity and sponsorship move by the Chamber of Commerce, for a single day in 2016 Deal was officially renamed, ‘Voucherbox: Home of Deal’!