Tiger spotted on Deal Beach!

The Little Deal Cottage may be fully booked until April 2020, but there’s still time to secure your stay during the coming summer, particularly if you are an avid golf fan! Indeed, 16-19 July 2020 will see the return of the British Open Championship to the sunny shores of Kent, at the glorious Royal St George’s Golf Club in Sandwich. 

The Little Deal Cottage could provide the perfect place to settle down in between days of watching Golf’s greatest players in battle. 8 years on from Darren Clarke’s emotional Open victory on the same course, 2020 could see a return of such stars as Rory Mcllroy, Jordan Spieth and of course, the great Tiger Woods.

Located less than 5 miles from the Royal St George, our sophisticated and fully equipped Cottage comfortably caters for 5 people to enjoy their stay in the idyllic town of Deal, merely yards from Kent’s expansive beaches and all its local amenities. Suitable for both couples and groups of friends, it’s the perfect summer getaway!

If this fails to satisfy you Golf fanatics, then the prospect of testing your ability on Kent’s several acclaimed links courses will surely satisfy you. The Little Deal cottage sits within walking distance of the Royal Cinque Ports Golf Club. Meanwhile, the Princes Golf Club is only slightly further afield. Both courses once hosted the Open Championship in the early 20th century, and they continue to test budding competitors today. 

If Golf isn’t really your thing, then fear not! There’s plenty to do on Kent’s coast. From the picturesque beaches and boardwalks to the incredible Tudor-era castles, there’s no shortage of sights to see. Deal’s award winning high street boasts a host of independent retailers and a weekly traditional market with further evening pub entertainment. If all this is too much, then there’s no place better to kick-back and relax than the Little Deal Cottage. It’s a hole in one!

No-Deal Brexit, Yes-Deal Stay-Cation for your Half-Term Holiday

Are you worried and confused about what Brexit means for your half-term holidays in the EU? There have been dozens of questions about the effects of Brexit, and we’re particularly concerned that our holidays will suffer. Does it doom our ability to travel at a moment’s notice? Are our passports still as valuable as they were? Will we still be able to retire and play golf in Spain, Portugal or Tenerife? 


The British public are discussing and debating Brexit daily, and many of our questions still remain unanswered. If the UK leaves the European Union, airlines may have to request individual permissions to fly between here and every individual destination in Europe. This could take time to process, causing flight delays, disruptions, and possible cancellations too. Who wants to face those issues when they finally get away from school and work to relax for a few days? Think of the children. Think of your own peace of mind.


Now for the good news: avoid all of that fuss, stress and worry, by choosing a stay-cation for 2019. Considering how proud we are of our country, and how much the rest of the world are rushing to visit our pretty little isles, isn’t it time to explore the best bits of our beautiful coastline? Book one of the most popular British holidaying locations, like the Little Deal Cottage, and plan your family escape in February safe in the knowledge that it won’t be at risk of being cancelled or delayed. With all Deal has to offer the holidaying couples and families all-year round, No-Deal Brexit can mean Yes-Deal, Kent.


Elusive Criminal With A Penchant for Sausage Meat In Deal

Reports have been flooding in of a new elusive criminal terrorising the beautiful town and beaches of Deal. The nimble thief has been stealing baked goods, pastries and, in particular, sausage rolls from the very hands of his victims. He’s not picky, he shows no loyalty to residents or visitors. He would snatch the crown from the Queen’s head if it took his fancy, and if it was edible, perhaps made from sausage meat. So, ‘who is this reprobate?’ I hear you cry. ‘Who is this much feared, most wanted, foul-mouthed wretched criminal, scouring our beautiful holiday spot? Who is it that has the whole town up in arms, talking about the daily comings and goings of the infamous thief to have ever dared intimidate our men, women and children?

This is our call for revolution, on the seagull that’s robbing everybody of their half cut sandwiches, fresh from the bakers. He snatches Rooks sausage rolls from your fingers, before you can even get one bite. Who knows if they’re any good? The seagull does. He swoops in from behind and catches you off guard, in a split second you’ve had a face full of feathers and you’ve lost your lunch. You might laugh, but this is serious. He’s the talk of the town, lapping it up like he owns the place, behaving like Robin Hood feeding his merry little men. Every meal time is a risk. Will you get to eat what you’ve just bought, or will he?

Life in Deal can’t go on like this. There will be crying children and hungry tums in every direction and is this really where the torment ends? Where there’s one, there’ll come more. How many other seagulls are going to come looking for a piece of our pie? Do we really want Deal to become the next Cornwall? Do we want our sausage rolls of the east to become the infamously snatched Cornish pasties of the west? Where will the madness end? Who will save us from this monster?

If you’re feeling heroic, or fearing for your life, look out for him. He’s easy to spot. He’s a seagull for a start. Pristine white, like the Mr Whippy 99 ice cream he steals out of your hand from ‘The Parlour.’ If we can rid ourselves of this villain, we merely run the risk of pathetic balaclava clad, moped riding, sledgehammer wielding, London gangs moving in on his turf. They only want to pinch your phone, not your ham salad sandwich (you decide what you would prefer). 

Are the the Down From Londoners 'DFLs' also bringing thier crime endemic with them in thier Louis Vuitton suitcases and Range Rovers? The Police call it 'County Lines' where London gangs are moving to the counties where thier competitors are considered weaker opposition. So hold your shots Dover and District Council, please think before you send your finest Air Rifle Marksmen (and women) to take out our Seagul. Who quite frankly is now a Deal legend and known Hard Man.

Mr seagul could be our saviour and will fend off the moped gangs and thug life ripping London apart. London criminals have no fear for the Police but a pristine white bird at flight to swoop over thier shoulder to steal thier sausage rolls (Rooks I might add, not Greggs) will have them fearing for thier lives.  




Little Deal Cottage in the Autumn – Will We Have An Indian Summer This Year?

The summer holidays are here and you might already be thinking about plans for September, when the children go back to school. I know, I know, they've only been off for a week. But they get six weeks to run riot in this glorious heatwave. When are the parents supposed to take a break? So, maybe you’re thinking about getting away yourselves, for a quiet weekend to recover from all the mayhem, or maybe you love your kids so much you would be willing to spend even more time with them! Each to their own. Either way, now is the best time to book a little getaway and the Little Deal Cottage is happy to take bookings in advance, whether it’s a weekend out of the city to soak in the seaside atmosphere, or a full week with the whole family over the Autumn half term.

For a weekend break, there is plenty to do in Deal, or sit back, relax and not do, if that’s what you came for. We have all the usual local attractions – the beaches and boardwalks, award-winning high-street, mazy smugglers’ lanes, the Royal Links golf courses, the beautifully maintained gardens, and castles. For the singers, or music lovers out there, we have a live music night every Friday where you’re invited to take the stage or sit back and listen. And for the traditional English pub-lovers, there’s a traditional meat raffle, bingo, and the classic game of play your cards right, happening every Sunday evening at The Telegraph, on Hamilton Road. But don’t take our word for it, go explore the area and see what other gems you find.

Meanwhile, Tides, in Deal, seem to be partying non-stop with Pool Disco Parties throughout the year, including term time and half term. The kids will love splashing around to music, and you probably will too. So whether you bring them along or come alone, Deal has everything you could possibly want from a short or long stint away from daily life and, if this weather’s anything to go by, we’ll be enjoying warm summer evenings well into autumn.

All that, and these dates for your diary as well:



September sees the return of the Faversham Hop Festival and the Napoleonic re-enactment weekend on the 1st and 2nd; Heritage Open Days across Kent from 13th to 16th; There’s Paws in the Park for dog lovers and a Salute to the 40s from 15th to 16th; and the British Touring Car Championship 29th-30th. October welcomes the Tenterden Folk Week from 4th-7th; the British Superbike Championship Finale from 12th to 14th; the intriguing National Apple Festival 13th-14th; and the Canterbury Festival 20th to 3rd November. Then Crafts for Christmas gets underway from 2nd to 4th November; the ever popular Firework Spectacular at Leeds Castle 3rd to 4th; and the Folkestone Book Festival 16th to 25th. And, of course any calendar of events in Kent wouldn’t be complete without the Rochester Dickens Christmas Festival from 1st to 2nd December.


5* Ratings For The Little Deal Cottage - AirBnB & TripAdvisor

The Little Deal Cottage is clearly impressing its guests, collecting five star ratings across the board on AirBnB and TripAdvisor. Every guest that has booked, stayed, and evaluated the self-contained cottage in Deal has given us a glowing review, which of course, we expected. We know ourselves how beautiful this part of the world is, and we know what a guest wants from a stay here, because we’ve stayed at the cottage to experience the relaxing surroundings firsthand. Quite frankly, we cannot get enough of this place, and neither can our guests.

Of course we’re not surprised, considering all the great news we’ve reported on recently – being featured in The Sunday Times as one of the best places to live, the global golf tournaments that take place nearby, and the celebrities that come and go – as well as all this glorious sunshine we’re having, which fills our south-facing garden, lights up the seaside town, and makes the sea sparkle down on the local beaches.

The sun is setting later in the evening, and everyone is out to enjoy the extra hours of relaxed dinner al fresco, and drinks at the terrace bars, creating a happy buzz that fills the summer evening air. The sunsets are simply gorgeous to watch go down, and the clear skies at night make star-gazing from our sky-lit roll-top bath a regular treat.

The neighbours and locals are smiling from ear to ear, grateful to live in such a beautiful place, and our guests feel the same. Our Little Deal Cottage has been described as the 'Perfect weekend getaway. Beautiful cottage in a wonderful location.' and a 'Beautiful cottage tucked away for perfect weekend getaway!'.

But you don’t have to take our word for it, you can read the reviews and see our ratings for yourself on TripAdvisor by clicking here and AirBnb by clicking here

Better yet, book and experience the Little Deal Cottage with your family or friends. There’s something for everyone in Deal, and the cottage sleeps five guests at a time. We would love to know what you think, and read your review of our 5* rated cottage.


What’s the Deal this summer 2018?

This summer is looking to be an exciting variety show of events in Deal, and the surrounding areas of Kent. It promises to be a combination of the classic British seaside holiday and an English countryside experience that you’ll never forget. Whether you have children or you’re just a couple of big kids looking for something different, this list of events has something for everyone.

The infamous Deal Classic Motor Show is back on 26th May, opened by Vic Reeves and Nancy Sorrell. Over 800 classic vehicles will be on display, from 1900 to the modern day, while live music plays across two stages, drinks will be served from a real ale bar, while a retro market keeps the shoppers happy, and even the children will be entertained by performers and rides, to support the RNLI Walmer Lifeboat Association.

Solley’s Ice Cream Parlour are holding an Open Farm Sunday on 10th June, where they plan to run tours of the dairy and crops, to demonstrate how their very popular ice cream is made, followed by a one day music festival called Prom on the Farm on 1st July, which includes children’s entertainment to raise money for Martha Trust, a local charity.

The National Garden Scheme is host to a group of Open Gardens on 1st July, where you are invited to walk through beautifully maintained gardens throughout Deal including Sunnybank, Deal Gardens, 196 Downs Road, and the Old Church House. You can start the tour from any town car park and follow the signs to view the finalist for the Kent Life Amateur Gardener Award, lawns worthy of Wimbledon, duck through Wisteria archways and smell the roses.

The Deal Carnival and Regatta begins on 26th July, where hundreds will gather along the streets from The Strand to the end of The Marina to see the full assembly of dancers, bands, beauty queens, fitness groups and Newfoundland dogs. With 2017 described as the best year yet, this year should prove even bigger and better as the locals share their enthusiasm for this event.

If theatre is more your cup of tea, the Chapterhouse Theatre Company will be taking a trip down the rabbit hole to present the classic tale of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland at Walmer Castle and Gardens in Deal from 28th July. Then they’ll be back at the same venue on 23rd August with Sense and Sensibility, tracking the first forays of Elinor and Marianne Dashwood into Regency society; and on 24th August Robin Hood and his Merry Men will be stealing from the rich to give to the poor as they travel through Sherwood Forest.

There’s so much to see and do in Deal, not only our special summer events to keep everyone entertained, but a plethora of local attractions and consistent relaxed atmosphere. Why not book a weekend or more at the Little Deal Cottage and find out what all the fuss is about?

Book your Stay here.


We’re Not Surprised Deal is One of the Top Locations in the UK

Deal has been named one of the best places to live in the UK by The Sunday Times and from where we’re sitting, in the south-facing garden of The Little Deal Cottage, we’re not surprised. As a home away from home, Deal has everything that an English coastal retreat could offer. No wonder celebrities like Gemma Arterton, Orlando Bloom, and Naomi Watts think of their home county so fondly, and you can experience the same luxury when you visit Deal and the surrounding areas for its beautiful beaches, classic castles, award-winning golf courses, and a wealth of opportunities for shopping, sight-seeing, nightlife and relaxation.

The Sunday Times considered a variety of factors, across the spectrum of wants and needs of potential residents, when choosing the winning locations of the Best Places to Live 2018. Tim Palmer, the key judge of the Best Place to Live listings, said: “Deal has a proper independent character all of its own.

“It’s a Goldilocks location that's got lots of great independent shops and beautiful houses, especially in the Middle Street Conservation Area. It also has an amazing view of the sea-front from the pier and really good modern restaurants.”

Surely Rolling Stones front-men, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, will want to get away from all the pressures of stardom and city life soon, and retire to the county they came from just like everyone else. They’re probably members of the Royal St George’s golf course.

Take it from us, the judges from The Sunday Times, and the celebrities who were born and grew up around here, Deal is the ultimate location to live, but also to visit, and The Little Deal Cottage simply adds to the experience. You can soak in the roll-top bath under the skylight, lit by the starry night sky, listen to the sound of the waves in the south-facing garden filled with early evening sunshine, and lap up the relaxed side of how the other half live away from the paparazzi.

Book The Little Deal Cottage Here.



Get Your Camera Ready – Celebrity Spotting Around Kent - Little Deal Cottage

What is it about Kent that breeds such brilliant actors, and singers, loved by the world over? It might be hard to believe but many of our most popular celebrities actually hail from the gorgeous countryside of Kent, and when you visit the Little Deal Cottage, there’s always a chance that you might see one. Set by the seaside, our little cottage in Deal, offers everything you could wish for in a retreat from daily life. So it’s no wonder that the Kent-raised celebrities are likely to choose the same scenery when visiting home. Keep your camera close, just in case!

Rolling Stones legends Mick Jagger and Keith Richards are both from Kent, met on the Dartford train line, and started the band shortly after, going on to global stardom. But Kent doesn’t just encourage rock, you may have heard of a certain little popstar called Boy George and there’s the mysterious soul legend, Joss Stone, who stunned the world with her voice before vanishing from the spotlight. But music isn’t the only talent being honed in Kent; actors are crossing the world from here to Hollywood…

There must be a lot of talk of Kent on film sets, such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Ned Kelly and Tamara Drewe, just a few of the films starring actors from the Kent countryside.

Mackenzie Crook, from Maidstone, shot to global fame from Gareth Keenan in The Office, alongside Ricky Gervais and Martin Freeman, before playing an unforgettable Ragetti in Pirates of the Caribbean, alongside Johnny Depp, Keira Knightley, and Orlando Bloom, from Canterbury, also in Kent. Having become a household name after Lord of the Rings and Kingdom of Heaven, Orlando also starred in Ned Kelly with Naomi Watts, who was born in Shoreham in, you guessed it, Kent.

Gemma Arterton probably bonded over childhood memories of the beautiful English county with actress and comedienne Tamsin Greig when they filmed Tamara Drewe. Gemma went on to star in St Trinian’s, as well as the Bond film, Quantum of Solace, and Runner Runner with Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck. Meanwhile, Tamsin left Black Books and Green Wing behind, and crossed the pond to write and star in Episodes with Matt LeBlanc, one of his rebound roles following his Friends fame. Our Kent originals have brushed shoulders with some seriously big names, becoming ever bigger names themselves.

Deal is not just a popular hotspot for celebrities lucky enough to have been born in the Garden of England but for those who randomly stumble across it looking to escape London. Deal is only 100 miles from the capital, which enables those who live and work in the big smoke to get the train on a Friday afternoon and within 2 hrs they arrive and feel 1000 miles away. With the High-Speed Train link taking just 1hr 30m as fast as you depart from the high-rised buildings at St Pancras, you are soon strolling along the the seafront or award winning High Street in Deal's conservation area.  

We’re proud of what Kent has offered the world in terms of talent, but why don’t you see it for yourself, by booking a little time in the Little Deal Cottage and seeing who you spot?

To book the Little Deal Cottage click here


Witness the Making of Golf History on our Doorstep, with the Golf Open at Royal St George’s

There’s a buzz of excitement in the golfing world as the 149th Golf Open comes home to Kent, causing the surrounding area to be a very popular holiday destination for the summer of 2020. Accommodation searches are underway for group bookings and cottage rentals in and around the beautiful area of East Kent, and Deal is the ideal tranquil town to retreat to after a gorgeous day out watching sporting history being made. Only a couple of miles from Royal St Georges, the Little Deal Cottage is the perfect place to stay after strolling around the fairways, to put your feet up with a glass of something cold.

The Royal St George’s historic links course has been announced as hosting the Open from 12-19 July 2020, making it the home of sporting history for the 15th time. The tournament will undoubtedly be as unforgettable as 2011 when Darren Clarke lifted the Claret Jug, beating Phil Mickelson and Dustin Johnson to become Champion Golfer of the Year.

Hotels, bed and breakfasts and rental properties in the surrounding areas are already being booked in advance, and Deal is the perfect location. The Little Deal Cottage has all the luxuries of a home away from home, less than 15 minutes from the course by car. Any avid golf fan would relish this week away to soak in the atmosphere and still get away from it all, mingling with other golf enthusiasts at the many pubs and restaurants Deal has to offer.

Our cottage is less than 100 yards from the beach and a short stroll into the town centre. There is ample car parking directly outside in the picturesque Alfred Square. Royal Cinque Ports Golf Club, currently ranked 7th in England and previous host of The Open Championship, is less than a mile away. This is the ideal location for lovers of links golf.

Nearby Sandwich saw more than 180,000 visitors in 2011, and an extra 37,000 passengers made use of the high speed train service from London St Pancras, therefore we would recommend booking at the earliest opportunity.

On booking the Little Deal Cottage for this event please click here


Looking for a weekend getaway by the seaside, we’ve got a great "Little Deal Cottage' for you!

The madness and mayhem of Christmas is over, New Year has been and gone, chocolates were scoffed, decorations are down, and the tree is stashed somewhere in the attic. Welcome to 2018, your bright sparkling brand new year. What are you going to do with it?

Many of us have made more realistic resolutions this year, to actually better ourselves and our lives. Instead of wondering how to lose weight, how to stop smoking, how to drink less, or how to get rich quick, we’re wondering how we can be nicer to ourselves. We all worked far too hard in 2017, we all put way too much pressure on ourselves. And did it do anyone any good?

So it’s unsurprising that many of us are resolving to relax more this year, spend more time with friends and family, and attempt to achieve that ever elusive work life balance. It seems like an illusion, or something that everyone else manages to grasp, everyone else can afford…

Well, fear not, it can be done! And it can be done by you, in a cost effective, time efficient way.

Everyone needs a little weekend getaway now and again, to recharge the batteries. Everyone needs some downtime, some quiet time, some me-time, to give them that boost and motivation to keep their achievements and successes ticking along nicely.

Picture a perfect little cottage, with everything you could possibly need, for a few days away from it all. Forget the expensive city break, packed like sardines, in a cramped neon orange flight. You can hop on a train or jump in the car and get away from London in an hour and a half, park right outside the blue front door, take a leisurely stroll to the beach, pick up some fish and chips, and be back to the cottage again while they’re still hot enough to eat.

You could spend a couple of days in bed, in the garden, on the beach, or explore the town of Deal; a classic English seaside town on the Kent coastline, complete with refreshing sea air to detox anyone who wants to escape the city smog. It could easily be the setting of a romance novel and the peace and quiet would inspire many writers and artists seeking that peaceful break from daily life to write, paint, create, or simply daydream. But what are you looking for, in a weekend away?

The Little Deal Cottage is the perfect little deal to make all of your weekend wishes come true.

For more information on booking the Little Deal Cottage click here.



Drone footage of Little Deal Cottage and proximity to the Kent Coast

Holiday seekers booking last minute weekend trips on the Kent Coast often ask the Little Deal Cottage team to describe the exact location and proximity to Deal's Beach, Highstreet and Pier. We decided the only way we could truely capture the Cottage's fantastic location would be throught Drone Aerial footage. Navigating the Drone through the low level buildings and avoiding the seaguls we managed to capture the cottage in it's beautiful surrounding area. The footage demonstrates the Little Deal Cottage is situated directly in the heart of Deal's Conservation area and a stone's throw from the stunning Kent Coast. The parking area directly outside the cottage is clearly visible and guests have the privilege of being able to park in these spaces using the complimentary permits we provide for guests who stay a minimum of 7 nights (a unique service we offer). Guests can drive to the cottage knowing that there will be parking spaces available directly outside their accommodation which is a rarity for those wishing to stay within Deal's conservation area. The footage was captured on a December morning, demonstrating how Deal does have a micro-climate like no other and whilst the rest of the country is suffering with rain and winds, Deal often finds itself in a pocket of sunshine. As the drone scans along the glorious seafront we can see the beautful pier is only 5 minutes walk away to the south and stretches of beach to the north. By treating ourselves to an early Christmas present of a GoPro Drone will enable us to capture the magic of Deal all year round and upload these scenes to our blog posts so we can all enjoy what the Little Deal Cottage can offer all year round.  

10 essential tips for enjoying a Christmas in magical Deal

Planning on a Christmas away from home? A hidden treasure called Deal might be the answer to your perfect festive getaway. Situated on the Kent Coast, Deal is the perfect location for a family to experience a traditional Christmas on a beach! 

1.Pick somewhere family-friendly to stay.

For any family trip it is important to make sure the accommodation is the correct size. A cottage may quote that it ‘sleeps 6’ but does it have sufficient space for 6 people to comfortably live during your break. At The Little Deal Cottage we sleep 5 Adults and account for living space for 5 adults, whether it be sitting around our dining table to enjoy your Christmas dinner or lounging on the sofas watching festive movies, there is adequate space for 5. 

2. Organise your face-to-face for Christmas morning.

With developments in modern technology we can all spare a few minutes on christmas morning catching up with those family members we have left behind. Facetime, whatsapp and Skype are to name a few ways in which we can communicate with loved-ones via the internet. Arrange a time for each family member and drop them a call. At the Little Deal Cottage we offer unlimited free Wi-Fi making connectivity to family members around the world that little bit easier. 

3. Book some distraction for Christmas Eve. 

A big part of keeping the holiday exciting is building in plenty of activity, especially when homesickness is likely to hit the adults as well as the kids. Book a Pantomime or Church Service in Deal, all details are provided in The Little Deal Cottage’s Guest Guide.

4. Make time for shopping. 

With the car filled with Christmas outfits and cosy jumpers for snuggling up on the sofa please leave a little space for a comfortable drive. Deal’s award winning High Street won’t let you down for last minute stocking fillers and your favourite Christmas food treats. The joy of Deal is the balance between small independent shops and the stores you will find on every UK High Street. Amongst the Waterstones and Mark’s & Spencer you will find hidden gems such as The Hoxton Store bringing the latest trends inspired by London. Every Saturday Deal is spoilt with a Market bringing the finest Traders from all over Kent and a couple from neighbouring France. With produce ranging from award winning Rooks Butchers sausages to fine French linen found on our favourite stall – Fleur de Lys. We are very lucky The Little Deal Cottage is situated just a 2 minute walk from the High Street.

6. Take a few familiar friends on your travels. 

We are not encouraging you to bring the entire football team on your ‘family trip’, just a few small Christmas items that have always been a part of your typical Christmas at home. Whether it be a small Christmas tree bauble or an illuminated window Santa, it is important that your stay away from home is not too detached from traditions and customs. At The Little Deal Cottage there will be a pre-decorated REAL Christmas tree, window lights and small decorations to make your stay a Christmas one. 

7. Make local Christmas customs part of the fun. 

Do as the locals do, whether it be a Church Christmas Service or a mulled one in a local pub, embrace Deal for the traditions it has maintained for centuries.

8. Avoid all potential disappointments.

Christmas might be the most wonderful time of the year for kids, but it’s also the busiest and most booked up in advance. Before you make any promises about holiday events, festivals, shows, theme-parks or experiences, check what’s on and get tickets organised.

9. Have a local festive feast and add in some familiar treats. 

By all means bring the family favourites as there is nothing worse than seeing granddads face when the pigs in blanket aren’t from his local butcher, but trust in what deal has to offer. Rookes Butchers is one of the finest in Kent and produce is available up until Christmas Day. Also try the cuisine in Deal as even the pubs have fantastic offerings. With the Saracens Head pub situated directly opposite The Little Deal Cottage, having a French Chef often is a welcomed treat to break up Traditional British Christmas cuisine. 

10. Santa has a Satnav!

Most importantly reassure the kids that Santa can find them at their temporary new home. The Little Deal Cottage has a stunning Wood-burning Stove so the children can write their Christmas Lists and send up the chimney and direct to Lapland.





Deal Number 1. location choice for Film and TV production.

With a preserved historical conservation area retaining a two story high skyline along the seafront, Deal has become the number 1. location choice for both Film and Television production. Sky Arts recently filmed their drama The Tunnel in Deal, and ITV’s Vanity Fair found the conservation area and seafront complemented their Napoleonic theme. Currently aired on ITV is Liar, a TV drama frequently uses Deal’s glorious Pier and fishing boats as backdrop for most of the scenes. You don’t have to have an eye for what looks good on camera to realise Deal truly is a hidden gem on the Kent Coast. Dover & District Council have done a great job of preserving Deal’s charm by declining numerous attempts for property development on the Seafront. Like it or not the secret is out, with more Londoners realising just how close this picturesque town is to the capital. The Streets are heaving at weekends with Down From Londoners (DFLs) escaping into the small alleyways and Dickensian Streets, making them feel they have escaped to a bygone era. At the Little Deal Cottage we have seen the rise in Londoners staying at our Holiday Let and provided numerous artist with accommodation for them to complete projects in Deal. With the Cottage being situated within the conservation area and 100m from the seafront TV producers often snap-up the cottage before the actors have a chance to book. We are often given the feedback in our Guest Book that the draw is Deal itself, and being central to the heart of the Town is what makes our guests return time after time.  


Completing the renovation of The Little Deal Cottage

Commencing the renovation of The Little Deal Cottage in January 2016, we have been on a very long journey. Inheriting this dilapidated Victorian house requiring full modernisation and some tender love and care, we could not have imagined the project would result in a perfect cottage on the Kent coast. We transformed the cottage with total devotion and every detail was based on this cottage being our home. Situated in Deal’s Conservation Area, we were committed to retaining all the original features and character of the cottage. Intricate restoration of each brick in the chimney running the height of the building lends to a fantastic visual feature, and the wood burning stove illuminates this centrepiece. A handcrafted staircase was constructed, as the shape of the building would not permit conventional installation. A Horse Farrier family friend created a bespoke Cast Iron handrail and balustrade to compliment the traditional but modernised theme of the cottage. Being only 30 miles from France we took great inspiration from our european neighbour in the interior design of the cottage. Items were purchased at brocantes in France and local Kent markets, finding some great beds, mirrors and furnishings. The project has been long and challenging but this creation has resulted in The Little Deal Cottage being one of the most sought-after Holiday Lettings on the Kent Coast in 2017. 


Queen's Regimental Association Corps of Drums play Alfred Square

In keeping with our previous post regarding Deal's close association with the Military, on Thusday night the Queen's Regimental Association Corps of Drums played in Alfred Square. The event was organised by Alasdair Goulden, our neighbour in Alfred Square,  to raise money for the Local Veteran's Fund. Our small little Square is always pleased to hear the sound of fantastic drum playing especially for such a great charitable cause. The Little Deal Cottage is situated directly in the cente of Alfred Square and we are often spoilt by the add hoc events held in this prime location. The sense of community is what makes The Little Deal Cottage a favourite holiday destination on the Kent coast for those looking to escape London life. 

The Band of HM Royal Marines tribute to those fallen.

Sunday the 10th of July 2017 marked the 27th Anniversary of the IRA bomb that tragically killed 11 Royal Marines - 22 September 1989. The Band of HM Royal Marines annually play a rousing musical tribute to those who lost their lives. Since the Royal Marines School of Music moved to Deal from Portsmouth in 1950 the proud military heritage in Deal has always been prevalent in the local community. Deal came out in force for this event to pay their respects and enjoy the band’s talent. Some 2000 got thier seats early to ensure they were close to the bandstand and facing the English Channel, a typically British day by the sea at The little Deal Cottage. 

The Amateur Championships 2017 - Golf - Deal

Today the Amateur Championships commences at The Royal St George's and Prince's golf courses in Deal, Kent.  With 250 players from across the globe competing to qualify for the final 60 match-play spots, it is sure to be a fantastic event. Royal St George was voted the No. 1 Course in the country by Golf World magazine and Prince's known to be one of the best links courses, the players couldnt be in a better environment. The Little Deal Cottage, situated just 15 minute drive from the both courses has been inundated with enquiries by competitiors wishing to book a last minute golfstay. However, one player confirmed his booking some time ago and is currently enjoying the tranquility of Alfred Square and being 100m from the beautiful Deal Seafront. We wish good luck to all players.

7 top tips for a UK staycation

1. Get up early and avoid the traffic. Rather than kick around the house the evening before your trip, get an early night and an early start. Relive the days of quiet roads and make the most of your first day on holiday. Breakfast always tastes better by the sea.

2. Take a ‘wind-cheater’ type coat. The weather is always warm if you cut out the Kent coast breeze.

3. Try haggling! Just because we don’t generally go for it in the UK, it doesn’t mean it won’t work. Especially the case with antiques, bric-a-brac shops and the like. You may even get 50p off an ice cream if you ask nicely. www.littledealcottage.co.uk will offer last minute discounts too!

4. Have loose change in your car for parking meters. It’s one less stress when you find the perfect place to park if you don’t have to beg passers-by or shopkeepers for coinage.

5. Go for the ‘specials’ on the menu. These are basically the things that the chef wants to cook and is most proud of, so why go for the stuff he or she isn’t in the mood for?

6. Explore. Some of the most interesting places and in UK resorts are small, not well publicised, and fascinating. Just because you’re in the UK does not mean that you have seen all the quirky stuff the British have to offer.

7. Relax. This is as much a holiday as it would be if you were to venture abroad. Get away from the ‘at home’ mindset and treat every visit, journey and new location as an adventure, as seen through the eyes of a tourist.

Kings Head2.JPG

Here’s 10 other things you probably didn’t know about Deal?!

1. It is thought that Julius Caesar first landed on the UK shore in nearby Walmer in 55BC. He reportedly came ashore already wearing his flip-flops.

2. Deal has enjoyed having three piers over the centuries and the current attraction is the oldest fully intact pier on the Kent coastline.

3. In 1660 Samuel Pepys described Deal as ‘pitiful’, but this from the man who spent much of his time suffering the ill effects of too much wine and too many women, so what did he know?

4. Many houses in Deal, particularly those near the seafront, have evidence of tunnels and hiding places that were used by smugglers. So if you lose the kids… 

5. The Regent Cinema will one day rise again! It’s one of the most iconic buildings in Deal and there is popular support for it to re-open. https://www.reopentheregent.com.

6. Deal was so important as a place of safe anchorage that at its peak in the 17th century hundreds of ships could be seen from the shore. It was the Ikea car park of its day.

7. You’ll soon be able to buy a pint of Deal Ale. A community hop growing scheme starts in 2017. http://transitiondeal.blogspot.co.uk/p/deal-hop-farm.html

8. Deal was officially recognised in 2016 as a Marine Conservation Zone. See what’s living here by clicking the Kent Wildlife Trust link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dq8xnh1lC3o&feature=youtu.be

9. Jane Austen refers to balls held at the Assembly Rooms on the corner of Duke Street.

10. In an unusual publicity and sponsorship move by the Chamber of Commerce, for a single day in 2016 Deal was officially renamed, ‘Voucherbox: Home of Deal’!